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    Lombard Odier is an independently-owned family business, and a leading entrepreneurial bank with a history going back more than 222 years.

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    Innovation has always been one of the driving forces behind our development. We offer a personalised and global approach to wealth management, to support our clients and their families in their professional and private projects over several generations, regardless of their location.

    Our Bank is international in its approach, with 25 offices worldwide. We also place great importance on local proximity, which we deliver in Europe via Lombard Odier (Europe) S.A. and more specifically the Belgian branch set up in Brussels in 2004.

    a flexible, tailored and long-term approach

    We concentrate on a single business: wealth management. We are advisors, not sellers. Our approach takes into account the entrepreneurial, financial, family and personal situation of our clients. By fostering dialogue with its clients, Lombard Odier is able to provide them with tailor-made wealth management and wealth planning solutions that meet their short-, medium- and long-term life objectives.

    a dedicated banker and team

    We provide our clients with a dedicated point of contact, in the form of a senior banker and a multidisciplinary team, who bring together the necessary expertise from across the Bank as well as a range of experience to support holistic wealth management. The team and management services are set up in accordance with the client's needs and the structure of their family and finances.

    personalised, agile and tax-efficient portfolio management

    We place great emphasis on risk management in all our investment strategies. Our discretionary mandates centre around personalised, direct and transparent portfolio management that adapts to reflect the ever-changing economic and fiscal environment. We can manage assets using any mixture of in-house and external investment funds, direct lines or ETFs. We also offer a portfolio advisory service that enables you to remain in regular contact with our investment specialists, and to implement a robust, unique and dynamic strategy, which reflects your market views.

    a cutting-edge technology platform

    Our multi-channel My LO tool allows you to consult and manage, on a single global platform, all your assets across several accounts and several countries, at any time, in any place and from various angles. Our Global Asset+ solution also allows us to manage the overall administration, custody, consolidation and control of your international financial and non-financial assets effectively, whether they are managed by us directly or by a third party.

    an international network for multi-domicile families

    We have established a network of local experts across our various offices, which allows us to manage taxation, cross-border and international matters, structure your wealth to optimise asset holdings and offer assistance if you change your domicile. The integrated shared technology platform used by all our offices facilitates the consolidated management of multiple accounts. We also produce reports to facilitate the preparation of tax returns.

    innovation, an integral part of our DNA

    We are innovative, whether it is in our wealth management strategies, our products and services or our digital tools. We are constantly rethinking the investment world by way of dynamic and innovative approaches, including sustainable investment, thematic management, convertible bonds and private equity. For a quarter of a century, we have invested in the development of our technology platform, which is recognised as one of the most efficient in the sector.

    a partner for entrepreneurs in the digital world

    Lombard Odier aims to be part of the digital ecosystem and to share its expertise with entrepreneurs and the next generation of clients. We have a network of bankers who specialise in the world of tech and digital in Paris, London, Zurich, Geneva and the Benelux countries.

    the Sustainability Revolution

    Sustainability is much more than an environmental issue. We believe it is a revolution, which will generate higher returns in the medium term. This global shift is already transforming our economies, the companies that drive them, and the way we invest. We are on the cusp of a historic shift. And whilst this is undoubtedly a time of intense instability, it is also a time of great opportunity - perhaps the greatest investment opportunity in modern history.

    an independent group

    We are a privately owned, fully independent group. Our Partners are entrepreneurs. They are both owners and managers, all the while remaining personally involved in client relationships. We have a long-term vision and are not under pressure from shareholders focussed on quarterly results. Our interests are therefore aligned with those of our clients.

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