technology for banking.

technology for banking.

With over 220 years of wealth management experience behind us, we at Lombard Odier demand that our technology honours and strengthens our heritage. Armed with our Rethink Everything philosophy, we created our own bespoke IT solutions in-house; solutions informed by the deep understanding of wealth management rooted in that very same heritage - designed by financial professionals for financial professionals. 

our banking platform.

In designing quality products that we wanted to use, we discovered that other financial institutions wanted to benefit from what we had created. Today, companies around the world are using our solutions to simplify their processes and focus on their core business.

So whether you’re a private bank, an institutional investor or a Family Office, you can take advantage of IT and banking services two centuries in the making, yet tailored to your needs.

global assets+.

Our Global Assets+ solution includes three perfectly integrated offerings in one place: our Global Custody and Reporting solutions, our Dedicated Funds offering and our Securities accounting services.

If you’re a pension fund, a family office or a wealthy private individual investor, we offer a best-in-class solution for the custody and reporting of your bankable assets along with every other asset class, including private equity, real estate and art collections.

Global Assets+ gives you a birds-eye view of your entire asset world with a tailored perspective on everything, whether managed by us or someone else. This truly personalised, 360°-analysis of your assets from every angle is available to you anywhere in the world in seconds. Built with our latest secure technology and our unparalleled flexibility, this global view gives you everything you need to make the best possible asset management decisions.